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Salvator Moncada visit Bio-High

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On September 19,2019, Salvator Moncada visit Bio-High. Professor Salvador Moncada has long been engaged in biomedical research,In the field of tumor immune diagnosis and treatment, the research and development direction of Bohai biology and the transformation of its achievements have strong complementarity.

Salvador Moncada has detailed knowledge of Bohai's own intellectual property rights ,"Specific tumor cluster target bank "," MCTL proteomics tumor multi-target diagnosis and treatment integrated technology "," tumor targeting new drug development" and other advantages.


The results obtained by Bio-High in the field of tumor targeting diagnosis and treatment were highly evaluated. The two sides will work together in the field of cancer targeting and new drug development to promote exchanges and cooperation between Bio-High and the Royal Academy of Sciences and the University of Manchester.

Salvador Moncada has signed a cooperation agreement with Bio-High, and the two sides will use their respective advantages to work closely together. With the support of various ministries, Bio-High will use its technical achievements to attract more foreign experts to carry out academic and technical cooperation to contribute to the rapid development of the biomedical field in Hebei Province. 


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