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Technology brief Principle Cooperative Process Significance

Tumor development and tumor marker protein

With the further study of molecular biology and immunology, clinical researchers have recognized that tumorigenesis and development are multi-gene disease, multi-step and multi-stage evolution,this process is accompanied by changes in the expression of multiple tumor marker proteins. tumor marker proteins in changes can reflect the state and condition of the body's tumor in changes.However, due to various reasons, the current routine clinical detection methods cannot achieve tumor-specific protein detection. 

2. Tumor cluster target, tumor target library -- technology core

Bio-High screened 322 highly specific tumor cluster targets for 19 common solid tumors,these tumor cluster targets are unique to tumor cells and have been identified by specific screening of Bio-High 's vast pathological library,only high expression in one tumor cell, no expression in normal cells. It's a sign that tumor cells are different from other cells. 

3、Detection of MCTL® Tumor Cluster Target 

Specific Multi-Target Cellular Immunotherapy Technology System of Tumor Disease Categories by collecting 5ml peripheral blood of the patients, the liquid platform of Bio-High organisms and its unique target library were used,the number and types of positive targets in tumor patients were detected to assist doctors in clinical diagnosis. Especially for patients with suspected tumors who can’t be diagnosed, MCTL® can provide some basis for clinicians. In addition, MCTL® can also carry out early screening of tumors, by detecting the presence of tumor-specific targets, early warning of tumor risk. For the positive target can be corrected through early intervention and reduce the probability of tumor transformation.


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