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Technology brief Principle Cooperative Process Significance

1、Significance of detection

Early screening of tumor Can be used for tumor screening, earlier than imaging, pathology early warning tumor risk, early prevention and early intervention, In accordance with the "three early" principle of early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment of diseases. 

2. Auxiliary diagnosis

Specific Multi-Target Cellular Immunotherapy Technology System of Tumor Disease Categories can be detect the type and number of tumor-specific targets in the patient's serum to judge tumor development At the same time, it can cooperate with the conventional detection method for tumor diagnosis, enrich the comprehensive detection of tumor, provide clinical clues and help clinical diagnosis.

3、Guidance for individualized treatment

The targets (antigenic peptides) of Bio-High technology were final

identified after specific screening in the normal tissue and tumor tissue library, there was no cross reactivity. The target (peptide) can efficiently load dendritic cells (DCs) in vitro, and the load efficiency can reach to 98%. The DCs loaded by targets can be activated and proliferated in vitro. Part of the DCs loaded by targets were directly subcutaneous inject to the sufferer, thereby starting their own active immune system and improving their ability to resist tumor; another part of the DCs were incubated together with autologous lymphocytes in vitro, induced tumor specific of multi-target cell cytotoxic T cells (MCTL), which were directly responsible for killing tumor cells in vivo after intravenous transfusion.

Product name Specific Cluster Target of Dendritic Cell(DC-SCT)

Application DC-SCT promotes the proliferation and activation of DC cells in vitro, multi channel presents antigen information and activates naive T cells.

Determination of positive target expression in serum of tumor patients by tumor cluster target detection.We screen effective targets for cancer patients, including primary and metastatic targets.Monitoring tumor target changes, evaluation of efficacy.Combined with radiotherapy and chemotherapy, adjuvant clinical medication.


1. Specific Cluster Target of Tumor disease Categories;

2. DC-SCT Promote the proliferation and activation of DC cell In vitro;

3. Multi channel present antigen information;

4. High-purity, high stability, safety. 

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