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A new rapid detection test paper for COVID-19 has been developed

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Since the outbreak of the COVID-19,the research and development center of Bio-High quickly organized the research force, according to the new open COVID-19 whole genome sequence, through the independent design, the protein recombination, the purification has developed the COVID-19 antigen,a new type of  COVID-19 IgM antibody rapid detection test strip (colloidal gold method) was developed in combination with IgM and IgG antibodies. It was successfully removed on February 15. 


Bio-High can transform the results in a short time,It is based on the original research and development concept of Bio-High for many years and the basis of antigen and antibody research and development for 20 Years. Bio-High is the first manufacturer of colloidal gold in vitro diagnostic products in Hebei Province. It has 16 registration certificates (14 EU CE certifications) and production licenses. Experienced R & D,registration, production and quality control team provide asolid guarantee for the development of COVID-19 IgM antibody rapid detection test strip (colloidal gold method) products.

 A new type of COVID-19 IgM antibody rapid detection test strip(colloidal gold method) developed by Bio-High can detect whole blood (fingertip blood, venous blood), serum and plasma. It is convenient and quick to take 10ul blood sample for the test. It breaks through the limitation of the existing testing technology to the personnel/place, and shortens the testing time. It is hoped to achieve rapid diagnosis of suspected patients and on-site screening of people in close contact. 


Since the outbreak of the COVID-19,The National Health and Health Commission recently introduced clinical symptoms,doctors'clinical experience and CT as criteria for diagnosis and encouraged the development of new rapid diagnosis products.

The research and development of the COVID-19 IgM antibody rapid detection test strip (colloidal gold method) has provided a new method for the diagnosis of new coronavirus infection, to meet the needs of new detection technology and products under the current epidemic situation, the product will be registered through clinical verification, in order to play a role in the fight against the epidemic with nucleic acid detection technology.

Bio-High is a multi-targeting drug and vaccine development in Hebei Province, The first enterprise to obtain the license of producing in vitro diagnostic reagent by colloidal gold method. Many achievements and products have been applied in the fields of cellular immune diagnosis, antibody drugs and therapeutic vaccines and molecular diagnosis.Since 2012, Bio-High has been approved 16 kinds of in vitro rapid diagnostic reagent product registration certificate for hospital,clinic and family self-diagnosis,which has played an important role in cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disease,infectious disease screening and so on. 


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